Did you know JOSEPH GIBSON isthe author of 2 best famous books.

Joseph GibsonJOSEPH GIBSON is an attorney and the author of Persuading Congress. He has worked in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government. He has lobbied members of Congress and their staffs, advocated on behalf of the executive branch, and argued cases in federal and state courts.

He grew up in Waycross, Georgia, and then attended Yale University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in political science. After graduation, he spent a year working as a staffer on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He then went to Yale Law School, where he earned his JD degree.

After law school, he clerked for the Hon. R. Lanier Anderson, III, of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Macon, Georgia. He then returned to Washington where he spent the next six and a half years as a litigator with private law firms.

In 1995 Mr. Gibson was appointed as an antitrust counsel for the House Judiciary Committee under Chairman Henry Hyde of Illinois. From there, he rose to chief antitrust counsel for the committee. In 2002 he became a deputy assistant attorney general representing the legislative interests of the Department of Justice.

In 2003, he returned to the House Judiciary Committee as its chief legislative counsel and parliamentarian under Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin. After two years there, he became chief of staff to Representative Lamar Smith of Texas. After the 2006 election, he became chief minority counsel of the committee. He returned to the private sector where he lobbied on antitrust, intellectual property, and other business issues at the law firm of Constantine Cannon LLC. Currently, he heads his own firm, The Gibson Group, where he provides legal and political advice on matters relating to government relations and litigation.

Persuading Congress: A Practical Guide to Parlaying an Understanding of Congressional Folkways and Dynamics into Successful Advocacy on Capitol Hill

Persuading Congress
By Joseph Gibson
Persuading Congress is a practical book, packed with wisdom and experience. For less than the cost of a cab ride to the airport, you can learn how to stop wasting your time when you visit Washington.


A Better Congress: Change the Rules, Change the Results: A Modest Proposal: A Citizen's Guide to Legislative Reform

A Better Congress: Change the Rules, Change the Results
By Joseph Gibson
A comprehensive look at the reasons that Congress does not work well and some real solutions that can make Congress work better.



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